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CEO of The Stalk Archery Austin Hurst


We have developed weaved carbon that will suit anyone’s needs! Also you can’t beat our customer service. We look forward to serving you all, for years to come. 

Sidney Smith

Down to earth as they come! Go check out Sidney at  Instagram bag: tri_nofeet

Down to earth as they come! Sidney Smith! Check him out on Instagram BIG Outdoors enthusiast ! Instagram page: try_nofeet 

Utahsportsmen Matt and Jed


These guy’s are great hunting guides! Go check them out on Instagram to book a hunt! 

Instagram Page: Utasportsmen 



He put’s in his hard work to turn up the 200” mule deer. Love the grind!

Tyler Curtis

My Man Tyler Curtis. Huge in the archery game. Very sneaky ! And a hell of a shot!

Tyler Curtis , He is a goat when it comes to finding big game. And a Hell of a dude. 

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